Faith Christian School



About Us

What is Faith Christian School? Why do we exist? Is our school a collection of desks, books, computers, and science equipment? If these were the essence of Faith, words and pictures could capture it well. But, Faith is not just a building or blackboards, crayons or computers, libraries or lesson plans. Faith Christian School is a concept; a vision conceived in the hearts of parents in our community who saw both a tremendous need and an outstanding opportunity. Faith is a commitment; a desire for excellence, for achieving one’s personal best in every area of living. Faith is Christian, an unapologetic dedication to the truth of God. All curricula choices, all teachers, all lesson plans, all spending decisions, and all programs are filtered through our conviction that God is in all and over all. We seek to accomplish academic excellence, athletic excellence, social excellence and excellence of character, but none of this is truly possible apart from the foundation of every aspect of Faith Christian in the Word of God.

Faith exists to assist families who are committed to raising godly children. Our mission is to provide teachers and curriculum that will make a life-changing impact on our students’ lives, so that they, in turn, will impact their school, community and world with the truth of God. We desire to produce students who are trained and prepared to model a life of commitment to God and His principles in all of the circumstances of their lives.

FCS challenges students to learn, lead and serve in order to explore God’s divine calling in their lives.